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Alex Kerten, Founter of GyroKinetics Method

Parkinson's Disease Expert

Founder and developer of the GyroKinetics method

About Alex

Alex Kerten, Founter of GyroKinetics Method

Alex Kerten is the founder of the GyroKinetics method, which he based on his vast experience in movement disorders, posture management, respiratory and physical behavior disorders. To this knowledge, he added his expertise in martial arts and music.


Alex created the GyroKinetics method especially tailored for Parkinson people and their chronic behavior patterns. He has been working with hundreds of Parkinson people worldwide for the last 30 years with great success.


His book Goodbye Parkinson’s, Hello Life! has been rated as a Parkinson best seller when it was published, and still is at the top of the list.

The Book
Goodbye Parkison's, 
Hello Life!

Goodbye Parkinson's, Hello Life book cover
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